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Instance #1 If after creating a sentence, you’ve to ask yourself, ” think about…?” (e.g. when I was operating and found a bird inside the tornado?), you then probably possess a fragment. Recently, while I saw a hen in the centre of the trail out and had been driving to work while in the tornado. Grammatical Error: This sentence fragment does not include an independent term due to the “while.” Therefore, it does not contain a complete thought despite the fact that there’s a verb along with an interest. Reason: This phrase fragment does not tell you once you observed a bird resting in the centre of the road out while in the tornado what happened. Instance Number 1 (repaired) Recently, while I noticed a hen relaxing at the center of the trail out within the thunderstorm and used to be driving to function, I believed it should have wandered away from its home. Case Number 2 Last week after I went to the films, and that I ran into a friend. Grammatical Error: This phrase fragment doesn’t include an independent term due to the term “when.” Therefore, it generally does not contain a thought that is total though there’s a topic plus a verb.

Among most of the horror, support is returning.

Thought: This word fragment does not inform you what happened when you leaped into a friend and visited the flicks last week. Example 2 (adjusted) Once I went right into a buddy in the shows last week, I proposed we stay together. The Learning Center at Porter Path, Buffalo 14201 phone: 716-829-7690 © 2012 D’Youville College. All essays for sale rights reserved.